Books and Tea

I am not sure what it is about reading that causes me to desire to create a whole environment or ritual around the act. Maybe it is something about escaping to another time or another world within those pages that invites a dip into a bubbly bath or requires a cozy blanket and a favorite reading spot. When I was a child, I would often take my books and head off into the woods to read. Or, because my mother was also an avid reader, she would brew some hot tea to accompany her evening book ritual and I would join her in a lamp-lit room with our steaming mugs to escape into our separate books worlds before heading off to bed.

Book reading has often been graphically paired with a cup of tea in posters, advertisements, or bookstagram posts, but for me, it's been an integral part of my reading experiences since my early years. That's why, when I first opened our little bookshop, I knew I had to find the perfect teas to pair with our carefully curated books. I already had a couple of brands in mind, but was more than happy to set off on a quest to find something uniquely fitted for this setting.

Enter Harney & Sons tea first tasting of these teas occurred with the backdrop of a spa visit, gifted me by my sweet husband, for an anniversary treat. I could smell the cinnamon before the mug was even passed to my robe-sleeved hand and I was smitten. Certainly due in part to my already relaxed state, I slipped into a blissful sipping affair and purchased my first tin of Cinnamon Sunset moments later before heading home to announce my findings! 

My love for these teas deepened when I researched the Harney & Sons brand. A family-owned company for decades, it's clear they have a love for quality and beauty that I mirrored my own. Their flavor notes have been carefully selected and blended; so, beyond my own favorites, there are so many delicious choices that we are proud to carry in the shop. Their unique tea sachet design, the brainchild of Paul Harney, is ideal for a mess-free cuppa to accompany your next escape into the pages of your current favorite book.

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