Flight Time, Darcy Flynn


What if you could travel back through time to save someone's life?


Sixteen-year-old, student pilot, RYLEE DEAN adores her grandfather. She only knows him through her grandmother's stories, which have led to years of romanticizing the young pilot's life and tragic loss. When her solo flight is postponed due to bad weather, she decides to taxi her newly restored Cessna onto a nearby abandoned airstrip. During the process, she notices a strange dial on the instrument panel.

With a break in the weather she decides to check it out-she isn't the granddaughter of test pilot Jaxon C. Scott for nothing. After minutes in the air the needle on the odd dial begins to spin backward-a flash of blinding light follows and she wakes up in 1981.

Something she can only count as providence leads to her young grandfather and when she realizes who he is, she determines to do whatever it takes to save his life. But could changing his past make her future disappear?


Officer JAXON C. SCOTT of the U.S. Air Force has his future all mapped out. With an exciting career ahead of him, life couldn't be any better until a teenage girl, Rylee Dean, shows up on the base. Admittedly she's one of the cutest things he's ever seen gazing up at him with her big blue eyes as if he'd hung the moon. Upon investigation her arrival proves to be as mysterious as the girl herself. Stranger still she knows things about him and his mother that no one could possibly know unless they were intimate with the family.

A series of circumstances has the girl staying with him and his mother for a few days. But due to the nature of his top-secret work, the timing of her appearance, and her intimate knowledge of his family, he's convinced she's hiding something much greater than her identity.

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