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Portraits Of Williamson County, Rick Warwick


Local historian, Rick Warwick, has spent more than 25 years gathering portraits and developing historical records for Williamson County, Tennessee:

Warwick tracked down descendants of those who lived in Williamson County who have kept photographs of their ancestors in their attics and living rooms for decades, or who have kept their ancestral artifacts in good shape in order to provide anyone who is interested with a glimpse of the past.

“In 25 years, I’ve been able to gather 12,959 photographs,” Warwick said. “It’s become the main source for local historical photographs. I’ve made a lot of good friends in the county. I’ve put hundreds of miles on my truck borrowing photographs to document them and then taking them back.”

“All of this started out necessity,” he said. “In 1996, when the Bicentennial came along, one of the things I did was to encourage communities to produce a book about local history. In Leiper’s Fork, where I live, I couldn’t get anyone to take the lead, so I decided to do it. I produced a book, which sold out very quickly, so I did a second volume.”

In the times before Warwick discovered his second career as a local historian and the author of 12 books, he worked for decades as a history teacher.


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