Whispers Of Mercy: Journaling the Voice of Jesus, Holly King


This 52-day journal teaches you how to record your two-way conversations with Jesus. You don’t need to doubt God loves you or that you can hear His Voice. And you don’t need to struggle alone anymore. But you do need a tangible tool to help you sit still and get started.

“As I daily worked through the journal, I slowly began to experience Jesus in a new way. Jesus used Whispers of Mercy to speak to me like never before and His Voice has changed my life forever.” – Haley

Just as a child slowly learns her alphabet before she learns to read, the same is true with learning how to two-way journal. It may feel like you are talking to yourself, and you may doubt what you hear. You are not alone. Remember, His thoughts will always be loving toward you and never shaming, fear-based or urgent. He’s not in a hurry, so you don’t have to be either. The truth is, once you try it, you will never see journaling in any other form.

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