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Believe: A Novel, Julie Mathison

Melanie knows she's special. She understands the secret language of old houses and makes jewels out of broken glass. Her imagination can do anything - except make friends. Then, she meets Sabrina, who looks like a TV star and acts like a spy, and who doesn't care what anyone thinks. She teaches Melanie how to believe in herself, and soon Melanie starts living her dreams. She even lands the lead in Peter Pan!

If only she could share it all with Mom. Missing your mom is like realizing that you only have one lung. It's bad. Sabrina thinks they can track her down, and Melanie wants to believe, but sometimes it's easier to pretend. Her new life feels like a house of cards, until one day it all comes crashing down and she finds herself with no choice but to face the truth... and let go.

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