The Poptail Manual, Kathy Kordalis

Love cocktails? How about popsicles? Enter poptails, the icy-cool alcoholic beverage you can enjoy on a stick! In The Poptail Manual, Kathy Kordalis shares over 90 of the tastiest frozen cocktail creations that will revolutionize the way you enjoy your favorite spirits.
Why not keep cool on a hot summer’s with the lip-smacking Limoncello Basil Pops or for a little taste of elegance, give the floral-infused Elderflower & Rosé Spritz Pop a go. Enliven your senses with the tongue-teasing Firecracker, the perfect balance of cool and spicy, or soothe your taste buds with the creamy, cooling White Russian.
Combining the freshness of a sorbet with the pleasure of a glass of alcohol, these gourmet booze-infused ice pops are just the thing to impress your guests at a party. Stylish, fun and guaranteed pleasure, The Poptail Manual is the perfect addition to the mixologists library of party tricks!

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