Grimm’s Fairy Tales, Jakob & Wilhelm Grimm


Special Edition Cover Series by Sterling Publishing

These beloved stories - 52 in all - have captivated young readers since 1812 when they were originally published in Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm’s Household Stories, their famous volumes of fairy tales. Enjoy the stories as they were originally written by the brothers Grimm; some are shocking, others are frightful, still others are whimsical, but all are spellbinding. Visit fantastic worlds where wicked stepmothers and evil witches make trouble, an unusual frog isn’t what he seems to be, and a beautiful maiden falls into a deep sleep for a hundred years, 

You’ll recognize some of the most memorable characters ever created - including Hansel and Gretchel, Rapunzel, and Tom Thumb - and find yourself enchanted by their unexpected circumstances. 

 What happens when. . . a little man helps a poor miller’s daughter spin straw into gold. . . a restless princess is turned into a raven. . . a hungry wolf encounters a sweet maid going to visit her grandmother. . . and a magic mirror shows a wicked queen that someone is more beautiful than she? 

This handsome edition of Grimm’s Fairy Tales, with stunning illustrations made especially for the book by Scott McKowen, is sure to find a treasured place in your family’s library. Book club questioned by noted educator Arthur Pober, EdD, further enhance the reading experience. 

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