Homecoming: Shafer’s Tale of Lost and Found, Patti B. Freeman and Theresa D. Tillinger


Local, Leipers Fork authors!!

On a crisp fall evening, Shafer is enjoying a ride in the car when he suddenly falls out and finds himself stunned and on the ground while the family car disappears down the dark road without him. Frightened and thinking he is all alone, he discovers that his woodland friends - Shamir the Deer, Sherlock the Hawk, Myrtle D. Turtle and Howel the Owl - are there to help him. Meanwhile, Shafer’s mom and dad, along with their friends and a very special tracking dog named Harper, are searching far and wide to find Shafer. Based on a true story, Homecoming: Shafer’s Tale of Lost and Found is a heartwarming story of a lost dog, a family determined to find him, and the meaning of home, friends, and family.

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