Lost Cat!, Jacqueline K. Rayner


Spare, simple, funny, and perfect for preschoolers, the saga of a cat who doesn't show up for dinner and the little girl who wishes she knew where he might be—but the reader knows!  

In this lost pet story with a fun, comforting twist, a little girl worries about her missing cat, Fred, while the reader gets a behind-the-scenes view of where he is and what he's doing—having adventures!

While the text tells the girl's side of the story, wordless pictures reveal what Fred is up to: driving a car, sunning at a resort, and traveling in Egypt, China, and the Alps. Fred even meets some friendly space aliens, who eventually help him get back home to reunite with the little girl he's been missing too.

Spare text and cheery, action-filled illustrations make this a satisfying adventure that's perfect for very young cat lovers and their grown-ups—or anyone who needs reassuring when someone they love is away.

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