Momentous Events in the Life of a Cactus, Dusti Bowling


The first days of high school are hard enough for anyone. But for Aven Green, who was born without arms, they’re about as much fun as doing the YMCA. Just when Aven begins to feel comfortable at Stagecoach Pass, everything changes. She’s starting high school. . . with 2,300 new kids to stare at her. And no matter how much she tries to play it cool,  nothing prepares her for reality. 

When some high school kids humiliate her, not only does she lose her newfound confidence, she pushes away the most important people in her life. Things get even worse when she develops a crush on someone she believes could never return her feelings. 

Aven never imagined high school would start like this. Then again, she never imagined she would make an earth-shattering DNA discovery, ride a horse with hundreds of people watching, join a punk rock band, and experience her first kiss. In a year full of so much change, can she manage to stay true to herself? 

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