Oliver Twist, Charles Dickens


This darkest and most colorfully grotesque of Charles Dicken’s novels swirls around one of his most beloved and unsullied heroes, the orphan Oliver Twist in the Penguin Vintage Classic paperback cover. 

One of the most swiftly moving and unified of Dicken’s great novels, OLIVER TWIST is also famous for its re-creation - through the splendidly realized figures of Fagin, Nancy, the Artful Dodger, and the evil Bill Sikes - of the vast nineteenth-century London underworld of pickpockets, thieves, prostitutes, and abandoned children.

Victorian critics took Dickens to task for rendering this world in such a compelling, believable way, but readers over the last century and a half have delivered an alternative judgement by making the story of the orphaned Oliver one of its author’s most loved works. 

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