Princess Culture: A Devotional for Christian Girls, Whitney O’Halek


Local author Whitney O’Halek grew up in Tennessee to become a wife, travel blogger, and author of the Lost and Found travel novella series as well as this cleverly written devotional for young Christian girls...

Once upon a time, there lived a girl. She knew she was destined for greatness. She knew the greatness would come with responsibilities. She knew the King would protect her, though she’d never seen Him face-to-face. She wished her duties came with an instruction manual. And then she found this book!

The princess culture in our world today has taken over everything: our childhood toys, our books, our movies, and our attitudes. Girls and women today are told from birth that they are a “princess” who deserves the best. Her knight will come to rescue her in due course, and she will live happily ever after in the very lap of luxury. Sounds great, right? But what if the true Daughters of the King shifted that Princess Culture from a worldly one to a Heavenly one? The results could grow the Kingdom exponentially.

In Princess Culture, Christian girls are cordially invited on a journey that could change the course of history by changing their futures. Are you brave enough to live the Princess Culture?

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