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Barefoot Church, Brandon Hatmaker


This book emerges out of Hatmaker’s experience of trying to lead himself and his church, the Austin New Church in Austin, Texas, into serving “the least of these.” He tells of a time when as the senior pastor of a mega-church, he decided to end one busy Easter Sunday by visiting a small, socially active church. He experienced a vision where God asked him to give his new boots to a homeless man. This began his heart-felt journey to discover the meaning of being a barefoot church, one that serves the least even to the extent of giving away one’s shoes and being barefoot. This book conveys what he has learned. He expresses the purpose:

My purpose ...is to share principles we’ve found helpful in equipping believers to live outside themselves. I’ll offer practical ideas for creating service-based, missional communities that end up being surprisingly as much about evangelism, discipleship, and real-life transformation as they are about serving others... And by the end, I hope to demonstrate how any church can truly be a catalyst for individual, collective, and social renewal.

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