Stealing Home, Ellen Schwartz


It is 1947 and Yankee fever grips the Bronx. Nine-year-old Joey Sexton joins the neighborhood kids who flock to the park to team up and play. However, Joey is of mixed race and his skin is lighter than the other kids’. He is seldom picked.

At a time when America’s favorite pastime became a battleground for human rights, comes this can’t-put-it-down story of racial tension, baseball, and a brand new kind of hero. 

Offset by the great Jackie Robinson’s non-violent bid to break the sports color barrier, is the rough-and-ready style of recently orphaned Joey Sexton. Taunted by his black peers for being too “light” and shunned by his relatives’ Jewish community for being too ”dark”, the nine year old has little knowledge of either his racial or religious heritage. But he need to belong somewhere, and if he has to fight the world to win acceptance, he will. Even if that means taking on his mama’s relatives, especially his unbending grandfather - the one person whose affection he wants most. 

Joey’s poignant story is set in 1947 at the dawn of an era of sweeping change, when heroes, both large and small, somehow found a way to steal home. 


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