Random House

The Perfect Star (Book 3), Rob Buyea


When the eighth graders of Lake View Middle School go on a weeklong nature trip, one of the best nights for Gavin, Natalie, Trevor, Randi, and Scott is when they are gazing up at the twinkling stars against the nighttime sky - they get the sense that anything they wish for is possible. Mrs. Magenta, their favorite teacher, tells them: “It’s up to you to connect the stars and draw the picture any way you want.” 
   As the year unfolds, there are personal challenges that could dim the brightest of stars, including a catastrophe that spurs an unexpected trip to the Big Apple. The kids realize that charting their own way forward is easier said than done. Will their bonds of friendship help them through the tough times? It’s an unforgettable year of choices, full of tears, laughter, surprises, and star power. 

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