The Superteacher Project, Gordon Korman


Oliver Zahn, spitball champion and self-declared rule-wrecker of Brightling Middle School, is not a fan of his new homeroom teacher, Mr. Aidact. The guy is totally stiff, never cracks a smile, and refers to his students as “pupils.” Worst of all, he seems to have eyes in the back of his head. He catches Oliver before he can pull any of his signature pranks! It’s time to show the new teacher who’s boss.

But as the weeks go by, he starts to realize that Mr. Aidact is not what he expected. The guy has an uncanny ability to remember song lyrics or trivia. When the girls’ field hockey team needs a new coach, he suddenly turns out to be an expert. He never complains when other teachers unload work on him—even when it’s lunchroom duty and overseeing detention. Against all odds, Mr. Aidact starts to become the most popular teacher at Brightling.

Still, Oliver knows that something is fishy. He’s determined to get to the bottom of the mystery: What’s the deal with Mr. Aidact?

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