The Three Little Tardigrades, Sandra Fay

In this hilarious retelling of "The Three Little Pigs", three little tardigrades set out to find a home that's just right for them—all while watching out for the Big Hairy Wolf Spider.

Gavin, Colin, and Doug live on a cozy little drop of H2O until one day, their mother tells them it’s time for them to grow up and leave home. In search of the perfect place to settle down, the three little tardigrades (also known as "moss piglets") journey to an underwater ice cave, an erupting volcano, and even the moon! They can survive under extreme conditions, but can they avoid the Big Hairy Wolf Spider. . .?

Humor and scientific facts about these resilient microscopic creatures come together to remix a beloved story–with an unexpected twist (and tons of laughs)!

Includes material at the end of the book with detailed information about tardigrades, a glossary of terms from the book, and more science for eager young readers.

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