The After Party: Toward Better Christian Politics, Curtis Chang and Nancy French


For the exhausted, the hurting, and the faithful, The After Party helps reframe our political identity away from the "what" of political positions and toward the "how" being centered on Jesus.

This paradigm-shifting book complements The After Party Project--a six-part, video-based, highly interactive curriculum that provides churches, small groups, and individuals with an on-the-ground, biblically based approach to a very complex topic.

The After Party: Toward Better Christian Politics helps readers who feel despair about political divisiveness:

  • Engage with others across political differences
  • Learn specific steps to reframe political identity outside of partisan divides
  • Focus on how we relate to one another as Jesus teaches before moving to the what of political topics

The After Party is ideal for:

  • Republicans, Democrats, and Independents looking for renewed hope and humility for our nation
  • Local leaders seeking to counter animosity toward political opponents, susceptibility to lies, and other practices that threaten the common good
  • Congregations, classes, and small groups watching The After Party video series
  • Pastors who want to encourage their congregants to trade their partisan mindsets for the mind of Christ

It's not too late. In today's political environment, faithfulness to a biblical how of political engagement shines as a radical challenge to both the Right and the Left. If you worry about what politics is doing to your community, your family, and your own well-being, The After Party will transform your political imagination.

It's time for us to go beyond party politics and--as Christians--believe in the true "party" yet to come.

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