Introducing Bound's loyalty program, The Fairy Circle! Register by clicking/tapping the "Fairy Circle" button on the bottom of the page and start collecting Toadstools. (If you have an existing Bound online store account, use the same login credentials to register for The Fairy Circle.)

Collect Toadstools by placing orders, following us on social media, and inviting friends. Earn perks like $5 off in store for every 500 Toadstools collectedfree shipping, and more!

Redeeming Toadstools online

Once you collect 100 Toadstools, you can start redeeming them online. Enjoy $1 off for every 100 Toadstools on your online orders. If you collect 1000 Toadstools, you'll receive a free shipping coupon (includes Priority shipping!).

Redeeming Toadstools in store

To redeem your Toadstools in store, collect a minimum of 500 Toadstools for $5 off your order! At checkout, you may be asked to provide the email address you used to register.