Feathers from Above, Kathleen Davis and Martyna Nejman


A feather may be found by your bed, near the couch, in the car, or even floating in the air. Feathers are often found randomly, but may not be random at all. "Feathers From Above," is a rhyming children's book that discusses how feathers fall directly from the wings of our very own Guardian Angels. These Angels are sent from God to watch over us throughout our lives, and their feathers are reminders that we have nothing to fear.

"Feathers From Above," was inspired by Kathleen's children. They would find feathers and tell her that their Guardian Angel must have paid them a visit. She knew right away that this would be the framework for her next book.

Kathleen is hoping to encourage children to be brave, know that they are loved, and remember that God is with them through good situations and bad.

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