Beatrix Potter: The Complete Tales, Beatrix Potter

All twenty-three of Beatrix Potter's original Peter Rabbit Tales, complete and unabridged, are contained in this volume. The stories are arranged in the order in which they were first published to enable them to be read in the proper sequence. Although each story stands on its own, several are linked together by events and characters.

Much of Beatrix Potter's work was inspired by her love of the English Lake District. The map that appears on the endpapers of this book depicts the community she created for her stories and shows how the main characters are connected within a setting of woods, hills and lakes, with the rural village of Sawrey and Beatrix Potter's own farm, Hill Top, at its heart.

Also included in this book are four works by Beatrix Potter that were unpublished in her lifetime but which show new facets of her talent as an illustrator and storyteller.

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