Girl Tough Identity, Shaylene King and McKenna Stoddart


Being a girl and navigating girl world can be tough, but so are YOU!

Girl Tough, Identity is the first in a series of guided-interactive journals to help girls better understand who they are, build confidence, practice self-love and promote emotional health through self-discovery!

When a girl knows who she is, and feels confident in her own skin, she is more likely to be a positive influence!

This influence will help to cultivate a community of kindness in girl world.

This guided-interactive journal for girls includes:

  • Deep Dive Discussions
  • Connecting Activities
  • Reflective Journal Prompts
  • To-Do List of Challenges
  • Intentional Art Breaks
  • Purposeful Inspirational Quotes
  • Celebration of Completion
  • Free Digital Downloads

Each chapter has similar sections that will guide you on your journey:

  • LET'S TALK ABOUT IT! Each chapter begins with a discussion tackling the topic of that chapter. Friendship, family, insecurity, competition and comparison are just a few of the topics discussed.
  • GET INTO IT! This section is designed to activate what you just read. Here you will practice activities that will connect you to what you just learned.
  • GO DEEPER! Process what you have practiced. This is the guided journaling portion. We invite you to look inside and dig deep.
  • YOU GO GIRL! Put what you have learned into action through a to-do list of challenges specific to the chapter topic.
  • ART EXPRESSION! Unleash your creative side. Throughout the journal are intentional places to take art breaks, doodle, color in the black and white, scribble in the margins and leave your mark.
  • POWER OF WORDS! Purposeful quotes were created to empower and inspire. They can be torn from the journal and displayed as a visual reminder.

Are you ready to learn who you are and become the person you are meant to be?

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