Language Adventures: Un cuento oceánico increíble, Michelle Glorieux and Kelsey Suan

Kids will dive right into this talking book that teaches marine-life words in Spanish with just the touch of a finger on magical paper. This screen-free, immersive, early language-learning book is perfect for ages 0-5, and features native speakers pronouncing each vocabulary word, fun sound effects, and 12 original short songs in a variety of music styles.

With a splash of imagination, bath time becomes a thrilling, bubbly deep-sea adventure, complete with a seahorse ride and a tickling octopus. Has a boy’s dream of meeting schools of ocean creatures really come true? Dive in to see...

State-of-the-art paper electronics allows kids to simply touch the images on the paper of an otherwise normal-looking-book and hear words spoken by native speakers. The magic is enhanced with beautiful art, real ambient sounds and original, toe-tapping tunes produced by Grammy winning sensation Jesse Lewis!

As part of TA-DA!’s Language Adventures series, AN AWESOME OCEAN TALE weaves culture, storytelling through art, music, sound and imagination to bring languages to our youngest learners, creating a strong foundation and a lifelong love of languages and culture. Spanish language vetting for this book was carried out by TA-DA!’s partner UNAM (the prestigious the National Autonomous University of Mexico).

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