Pinocchio, Carlo Collodi


The original, unabridged Pinocchio in a beautifully illustrated hardcover edition.

Carlo Collodi’s 1883 story is an astonishing work of fantasy, even richer and more wildly imaginative than the famous film that Disney made of it. The Everyman’s edition—the only one in hardcover—brings back the color-illustrated translation of 1916 that captures the vivid inventiveness of Collodi’s original. Here is the endearing wooden puppet, always dreaming of becoming a boy and always tumbling into trouble: kidnapped, robbed by a cat and a fox, turned into a donkey, escaping from an enormous smoking serpent and a green-skinned ogre, rescuing his father from the belly of a mile-long fish, haunted by the ghost of a talking cricket, watched over by a fairy with turquoise hair, and, time and again, betrayed by his lie-sensitive nose.

This is part of the Everyman's Library Children's Classic selections. If you'd like to expand your collection, consider The Three Musketeers, Pinocchio, The BFG, and Fables by Aesop.

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