The Chocolate Chip Cookie Book, Katie Jacobs


From cookie dough milkshakes to chocolate chip cheesecake to the classic recipe that started it all, The Chocolate Chip Cookie Book offers all the tips, tricks, photos, and recipes you need to bake the cookie of your dreams.

Whether you're creating a cozy self-care treat, a celebration for loved ones, or the perfect gift for any occasion, chocolate chip cookies speak to the heart. In The Chocolate Chip Cookie Book, artist and cookie expert Katie Jacobs offers 100 recipes for every gift-giving season and reason, from fancy dinners to lunchbox goodies.

The Chocolate Chip Cookie Book offers:

  • 100 recipes, from basic to "Wow, you made this?"
  • Icons that help you identify difficulty levels, tools used, and food sensitivities
  • Delicious vegan, paleo, dairy-free, and gluten-free recipes
  • The secrets and science behind why the same cookie recipe can result in vastly different cookies
  • Gorgeous and helpful photos from the author, who is a contributing photographer for Southern Living, O, Martha Stewart Living, and the Hallmark Channel

Full of chocolate chip cookie how-tos, this beautifully detailed book is for experts, experimenters, and amateurs alike. Add to your baking expertise and dessert inspirations as you discover the cookie of your dreams.

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