The Secret of Glendunny (Book 2): The Searchers, Kathryn Lasky


Brave beaver kits Dunwattle, Locksley, and Yrynn are going on their greatest journey yet in search of their beloved friend and guardian, Elsinore. Their expedition gets even bigger when they discover other persecuted animals being held against their will. Will they be able to save Elsinore, the innocent animals, and themselves? Join the three kits as they embark on this thrilling adventure, exploring unknown lands beyond their pond, and endeavor to save their world and all the creatures in it from a place that is dedicated to turning innocent creatures into deadly weapons. 

Newbery Honor–winning author Kathryn Lasky delivers a riveting and action-packed second book, filled with extraordinary new characters that include an all-knowing octopus, and the brave Eagles of Iolaire. Enter this enthralling tale about the eternal fight between good and evil.

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